Life in a Lock Down

Here in Nepal the lock down imposed due the the global pandemic has taken a huge toll on the lives of people. As a developing country with a huge poverty rate, the aftermath of this lock down looks scarier to me.

And just when we thought that things couldn’t get any worse Nepal has gotten into a territorial dispute with India. Things seem to be getting out of hand for us at the moment. The politicians are doing their parts i guess. Wish i had more insights about all this issue but i don’t.

People are furious and confused at the same time. Here we were just getting used to the life in a lock down and this whole new situation appeared.

Times are difficult and most of us are unemployed with no stability and no promise of a better tomorrow. With all the things going on, i hope everyone is taking care of their mental health. The stress and anxiety that this pandemic has caused is very tough on some people and i just hope they feel better. But i believe that we will get through this soon.

There will come a time when we will all think of this time and share our experiences. Each one of us has experienced this lock down differently. We have realized that not everyone is lucky to be locked in their comfortable homes with their families. Some of us had to stay alone, hungry and away from loved ones. Some had to walk miles to get to their homes without transportation and accommodation. Some of us might have gone through serious stress and anxiety. Some of us had to go through some other struggles.
Whatever we have experienced will make us all wiser and more empathetic towards each other. And these stories of our personal struggles will be life long lessons that will never be forgotten.


There are times where I just wish I had the confidence to do things that other people around me do so effortlessly. I have always struggled with confidence, i don’t have much of that. Which has not been great for the singer in me. Now when i say a singer, i am not implying that i am a singer. I just wish to be a singer someday or a poet. The kind who can make people feel things through words.

I have been listening to this one song a lot lately, The piano man by Billy Joel. There is this one line where he says that he knows that the people are there to see him to forget about all the pains and sorrows of their lives. I mean how beautiful is that? To be aware of the power of your own art and to be so effortlessly confident about it..
Now that i think of it, i am not making any sense at all. But that is where this blog comes handy. It is going to be my dear diary. I am going to write everything that makes me wonder. And after some years when I’ll look back at these blogs, it will remind me of this version of me that i am today.
And i might cringe a little but whatever

There is always a place where we’d rather be.

Kamana Oliya